Need to know for DOMESTIC ARRIVALS:

When arriving to Miami International Airport (MIA) on a domestic flight from any airline, whether or not; within the United States, Canada, or the Bahamas. No matter the Concourse you arrive through you, as you enter you must walk down to the main terminal. As you arrive to the main terminal you will be on the second (2nd) level where you must take a ride on the escalator or elevator to the first (1st) level to reach Baggage Claim. If you are traveling light with only your carryon luggage you may then proceed to Ground Transportation that will be immediately and readily accessible outside the terminal on the first (1st) level. Outside you will find airport employees or police officers ready to assist or direct you to the Shuttle buses and taxies that will take you to your final destination in Miami. If you need to continue your journey and need to reach the ticket counter or departure gates you will find that back on the upper second (2nd) level. If you choose other means of transportation on the third (3rd) level use the Skyride to connect you between terminals, the parking garages, and the MIA Mover Station.

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